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I’ve been writing since 2015. In September 2022, I signed a contract with Celebrate Lit Publishing for a 3-book contract. Book 1 is slated for release in December 2023. I’m excited to see it in print.



Before I retired, I held a position as an administrative assistant and receptionist for a non-profit organization with a medical clinic. Their goal was to move elderly, homeless, mentally ill off the streets into medical care and housing.

Being a team member on short-term mission trips, a vocalist with a worship team, and participating in intercessory prayer ministry for my church—which included other forms of prayer, helped me grow spiritually. Fantastic and enjoyable community opportunities abounded when I volunteered with Global Media Outreach online, served at Serna Village , and led small groups in Single’s, Women’s, and Divorce Care ministries.

Owning my own business where I designed and painted wall murals for several years helped me learn how to apply critique from other’s suggestions. Writing a story is similar in many aspects to painting pictures, but it’s more difficult to paint word pictures. I have proof with all my slashed pages from when I first started to write. Repetition was my bane. Can you imagine slashing black paint over someone’s canvas? We’re allowed to do that with the written word in critiques and editing. Yikes! And I’d never have advanced without the tough stuff.

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