About E.V. Sparrow

E.V. is a wife, mother, grandmother, and was a caregiver for her Mom. Her friends and family describe her as quirky, imaginative, creative, and underestimated. Adventures at home and abroad influenced E.V. Sparrow’s world. She traveled and worked overseas for a time. E.V. writes imaginative stories about encounters with an intriguing and intimate God. Reader’s frequent comments include—”Surprising!” and “I never know where you’re going to take me.”

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As an administrative assistant and receptionist, she worked for a non-profit organization with a medical clinic, whose goal was to move elderly, homeless, mentally ill off of the streets into care and housing.

Once a preschool teacher of three-year-olds, E.V. was also a team member on short-term mission trips, a vocalist with a worship team, and participated in intercessory prayer ministry which included other forms of prayer.

E.V. volunteered with Global Media Outreach online, served at Serna Village with her church, and led small groups in Single’s, Women’s, and Divorce Care ministries.

Sparrow designed and painted wall murals for several years. You can view a portion of her art portfolio on the Illustrations Page. She discovered that illustrating and writing stories is another way to paint. View Sparrow’s works on the Published Tab.

E.V. is thankful for these badges—


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E.V. recommends Inspire Writers for their support and help with improving writer’s skills and connections with other writers and illustrators.

Contact me:

*Follow my Facebook Page @sparrowwriter and @evSparrow on Twitter.

Sibling adoration.


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