December’s Short Story: The Other Jewelry Box

In my bedroom, I continued my morning of packing. "I dreamed about moving boxes last night, honey." I called out, then coughed, and wiped the drops of sweat from under my bangs, between taping up the umpteenth brown, cardboard, square thing. The word, "box," had choked me. Out in the living room, an object dragged... Continue Reading →

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Meet E.V. Sparrow

E.V. is a wife, mother, grandmother, and was a caregiver for her mom. Her friends and family describe her as imaginative, funny, and underestimated. View Sparrow's CURRENT newsletter here to see what she's been up to. Sign-up to follow her journey here Please view her Amazon Author Page for all of Sparrow's published short... Continue Reading →

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1958 Blind Date

   The cash register’s bell dinged as Joyce shut the drawer. She turned to Judy. “Tomorrow’s blind date with Ray won’t work. I have an emergency dental appointment. I broke a tooth.” Joyce pointed to her molar.     “No!” Judy’s dark eyes flashed. “You can’t cancel again! I’ve worked six months to set this up…just go anyway.... Continue Reading →

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