Works in Progress

Muldoon's Misfortunes—Book One
Releasing December 2023.
UNDER CONSTRUCTION (ignore graphics)
June 2019—A Heavenly Hand occurs in a 1942 logging camp and follows two young sisters hiking to the nearby river. On that hot August morning, they encounter a horrible situation—who will help them?
January 2020—South Dakota Foreman is based on an event my grandfather told me about. Circa 1910, a young railroad foreman learns of an awful plot against him by his own crew. Discover his wise and humorous way he dealt with the situation and the creative way God helped him.
June 2019—E.V. Sparrow joyfully contributed three stories. In Jesus Made Me Feel Better, an ill four-year-old girl slips away into a "dark blanket." What happens to her? In Chill Alert, two mothers with their preschoolers experience a terrifying event at the park. Who will save them? In Miracle Among Friends, a young woman awakes very ill and is unable to call for help.  How will she survive until her roommate arrives home from work?