Mom’s Coffee

My hubby fixed his much anticipated morning coffee—”On that new FODMAP diet, can I drink creamer in my coffee? I like my coffee robust, but it’s gotta have creamer.”

Me—”Check the yes list.” I sipped my coffee with stevia and no flavored creamer. “Oh, and read the creamer label.”

My hubby pulled out his phone to check the FODMAP lists.

Me—I miss my Chocolate Carmel. “You know, I think I like the aroma of coffee better than the taste of coffee.”

Mom—Who drinks four cups of coffee a day, and weighs 92 pounds fully clothed, “I like my coffee black. I like the smell. I like how it warms me up. In fact, there’s nothing about coffee that I don’t like.

Me—”Isn’t that funny how we all drink coffee fixed completely different?”

Mom—”That would be boring if everyone always liked the same things. Or what about when it would go on sale and everyone wants that one? The crowds would be terrible!”

Hubby—”Well, I don’t know. We all like Erin, (me). What would happen to her?”

We all hushed.

I sat lost in actual memories of me in the center of a rioting mob. Shudder.

Me—”I’d never go on sale.”

#caregiver #coffeelovers

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