Sisters Are Not Puppies


“L” is in the clouds with new baby sister “E” to kiss and hold. “Babies are so cute!”

“I think so too, I love babies.”

“I love her.”

“Me, too!”

“I thinks she loves me.”

‘I think you’re right. Baby E knows your voice.”

L nodded. “Inside Mommy’s tummy Baby E could hear us talking. That’s why E knows me. ”

“Yes, babies can hear through their mommies’ tummies.”

“Babies are so cute, it’s sad they grow up to be sisters.”

The adults laughed, assuming that she spoke of “I”, her middle sister.

I saw concern and sadness in L’s eyes. “It’s like puppies or kitties, we never want them to grow up.”

L nodded, “But they DO.”

“Yes, but the fun thing about baby sisters is that when they grow up, they can be your friends.”

L’s eyes widened, and she smiled a big smile.

Sisters are forever.


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