Reflect or Regret? Part 2

As a silver-haired person, and I retain the privileges of Reflection or Regrets. I’ve earned this right through years of trials, temptations, and choices. Today’s journal excerpt IMG_3805Regrets.

First marriage-Was very difficult, my kids were hurt from it. I wanted so much better for them…that’s all I have to say about that.

College-My parents and I couldn’t afford it, and I had no discipline, so traveling was my education. I wanted a degree, and tried twice, but didn’t complete it.

Missions-After I developed asthma, and a third trip had a huge dust storm, I became a Global Missionary Online for almost three years.

Illustrator dream-Hired to illustrate Little Known Tales in California History …later, I let someone crush my dreams, and life threw me for a loop. Now, I’ve returned to art once more.


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